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Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex : 16555 Fraser Hwy #100, Surrey, BC V4N 0E9

Dropoff and Pickup

Swimmer entrance: To separate swimmers from the general public, the swimmer entrance is behind the building. There is no access through the regular public entrance. When entering the parking lot, turn right to the end and follow the lane to the back parking lot at the far right of the building.
Dropoff: The coaches will meet the swimmers in the parking lot.

  • There maybe many cars trying to park in the area. For everyone’s safety, the city requires parents to PARK and walk your swimmers to their coaches at dropoff.
  • DO NOT BE LATE. At practice start time SSLC staff will be escorting the group of swimmers inside the building and the door will be locked behind them. There will be no late entries into the pool. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • We encourage swimmers to come to practice at least 10 minutes early, or even better, attend the optional dryland before practice. More details on that below ☺

Pickup: Please park and pickup your swimmers at Door 2, which is a 2-3 minute walk past the white gate. As there is no lobby at this part of the pool, swimmers MAY BE UNATTENDED IF NOT PICKED UP ON TIME.

Optional Dryland

We invite swimmers to attend optional outdoor dryland 20 minutes before practice. If practice start time is 645pm, dryland start time is 625pm. Warm up those muscles and get ready to hit the water! Please keep the weather in mind though, and dress appropriately.


  • Daily self-assessment (google form): All swimmers are required to do a self-assessment on the DAY OF practice, and self-assessments need to be completed BEFORE 4pm:
  • Masks: masks are mandatory along with social distancing.
  • Shoes: When inside the building, swimmers will walk barefoot to the pool. Since SSLC staff will be escorting the team in and out of the building, swimmers are encouraged to wear slip on shoes to keep this process efficient.
  • Changing: There is no access to the change rooms or public washrooms. Swimmers must come dressed to swim.
  • Washrooms: The swimmer washroom is in a “dry zone”. Swimmers will need to completely dry off, and ask the lifeguard in the guard office to take them to the private, locked washroom for club athletes only. Lifeguards will only take one swimmer at a time. We encourage swimmers to use the washroom at home before practice, and if they need to go during practice, to keep in mind it will take several minutes before they can use it.
  • Equipment – Please label all equipment and water bottles. No sharing of equipment.
  • No spectators – Only swimmers and coaches are allowed to enter the building.

Any questions, please contact Head Coach Sidney at THANK YOU!

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We are excited to announce that the registration is now open for all new and returning swimmers. Please read through the registration package document as there are some changes again this fall.

For the new families, Welcome! If you are not sure about your child swim abilities, please book an assessment through our Head coach at or our registrar at
Please note that the minimum requirements to come for an assessment is 50 meters (unassisted) which is 2 lengths of the pool, 25 meters backstroke, 25 meters breaststroke, and 25 meters kick on back.

Registration pdf attached. Link to the registration portal will be provided upon receiving signed waver (attached)

BCSSA Indemnity Agreement (MINOR) – if you are registering a child

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Cloverdale Triton's Return to Swim Plan

Posted by Cloverdale Tritons at Aug 1, 2020 2:05PM PDT

Please see the attached document for detailed information on the Cloverdale Tritons Return to Swim Plan.


Posted by Cloverdale Tritons at Mar 17, 2020 11:08AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Registration is open for all returning swimmers! Please read through the registration package as there are several new changes this summer.

For NEW families, please email with your interest so we can arrange an assessment date and time.

Practice schedules will be posted upon pool tie confirmation!

Registration PDF attached.

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The BC Summer Swimming Association ( guidelines state we can provide 2 hours of coached practice per week during the winter. Please Note: If you choose to swim more than 2 hours of coached practice in the winter your status will be as an “O” (Open Category) swimmer in the summer._

Our swim times at the Surrey Sport and Leisure Pool are Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 5:45pm to 7:00pm. We are also hoping to continue with a later option on Sundays – 6:45pm 8:00pm. It will be open to all levels of swimmers. If we do not have enough registrations in the later time slot it will be cancelled. All registrants will be contacted, so please have a backup option ready. You may choose to swim one or both days. To ensure safety and quality coaching for all swimmers, limited registration may be imposed. We also have 5 and 10 pack drop in session punch cards. These are for RETURNING FAMILIES ONLY. Please collect punch cards from coaches on your first drop in).

Session 2: January to April 2020
First Swim is Wednesday, January 8th 2020 – Last swim is Wednesday April 29th, 2020
h2. *Options Pricing

Option 1 – Sundays 5:45pm – 7:00pm ( 13 session) $143.00
Option 2 – Sundays 6:45pm – 8:00pm. ( 13 sessions) $143.00
Option 3 – Wednesdays 5:45pm – 7:00pm (15 sessions) $165.00
Option 4 – Sundays & Wednesday 5:45 –7:00pm(28 sessions) $308.00
Option 5 – Drop in 5 punch card $60.00
Option 6- Drop in 10 punch card $115.00

If you know someone who is interested in joining the Cloverdale Tritons please DO NOT forward the
registration link to them, instead have them contact:

RETURNING MEMBERS Registration link:*

Please click the green button “register now”

Non-refundable fees:
• $22.00 BCSSA insurance fee
• $50.00 Club registration fee
• $11.00 per session attended to date
Please note no refund will be given after January 22nd, 2020

• Sunday Jan 26, March 18-29th and Sunday, April 12th (Easter)